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Kansas Interstate Drug Lawyer Cautions Stakes Remain High, Despite Commutations

President Obama has shortened the sentences of 214 prisoners, but laws pertaining to drug offenses still impose mandatory minimum sentences and harsh penalties. Kansas Interstate Drug Lawyer provides access to top-notch defense attorneys.

August 09, 2016 ( – Kansas Interstate Drug Lawyer, an establishment dedicated to helping people obtain the legal information and representation they need when accused of a drug-related crime, issued a public reminder that the recent commutations handed out by President Obama do not in any way indicate that the feds are softening their stance on drug crimes. The statement was made following the news that Obama shortened the sentences of 214 prisoners, including 2 from Kansas.

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“These older, stringent punishments that are out of line with sentences imposed under today’s laws erode people’s confidence in our criminal justice system,” said Former Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, when the Clemency Initiative was announced back in 2014.

According to the White House’s announcement on August 3, this latest set is the largest batch of commutations offered in a single day in more than 100 years. The group of prisoners who had their sentences reduced includes 67 individuals with life sentences for various drug crimes. Per the guidelines of the Clemency Initiative, only prisoners convicted of nonviolent low-level crimes were considered. They also needed to have served at least 10 years of their sentence and have had a good record while in prison, among other things.

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While the laws have changed over the years, it’s important to note that even low-level crimes may still result in prison sentences and certain offenses also have mandatory minimum sentences. Some drug trafficking charges start out with a mandatory minimum of 5 years, while others begin with 20 years for a first-time offender. In addition to these prison terms, fines are generally assessed and the individual may lose access to certain rights and privileges, such as SNAP benefits and voting benefits, which are temporarily suspended by the State of Kansas. Moreover, the Clemency Initiative does not help everyone and people who are convicted today cannot rely upon the program to help reduce penalties later.

Kansas Interstate Drug Lawyer is a website dedicated to helping those convicted of drug crimes. The site hosts information about various offenses, penalties, and outcomes. With the understanding that the best way to have a sentence reduced is to fight the charges aggressively from the start, which may also result in the charges being dropped entirely, the site also provides access to experienced and competent attorneys who have dedicated their practices to defending people accused of drug crimes.

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